Chinese Bodywork

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Chinese Bodywork

Chinese Bodywork | Hong Relaxation - Worcester, MA

Chinese bodywork is a practice that has been around for over 2,000 years. It is done to encourage Qi to easily flow through the body’s meridians without blockage or inhibition. When your Qi is flowing as it should, you feel your best and your body is able to heal itself naturally from things like stress-related tension and minor illness. So many things can knock your Qi out of balance so it is important to have your Qi refocused regularly to ensure it continues to work as intended.

Chinese bodywork involves things like massage of tendons and muscles, manipulation techniques and acupressure to really work the body and alleviate any Qi blockages. Other things that may be used during a treatment to enhance the therapeutic technique include herbal poultices, liniments, compresses and salves. These are all used externally as a complement to the treatment so that you get everything you need to release tension and feel your best.

Stop by Hong Relaxation in Worcester, MA today to get more information about Chinese bodywork and how it can help you to shed your stress and tension. Our practitioners are experts and they know what it takes to put you completely at ease. Our vast experience and commitment to education ensures that when you receive this service, you will be 100 percent satisfied. Our staff will help you in determining that this is the right treatment for you and what your body needs to feel better.

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